SotI reprint

I’ve been teasing this for a while, and here’s a rather tardy announcement: Sagas has been reprinted and will be available in print format again. It’s not a huge deal: it’s not a second edition or revision, just a straight up reprint, because there has been a lot of interest in getting printed copies after I ran out.

The second part of the announcement is that IPR will be taking over the shipping and handling part of the deal, taking a significant chunk of work off my hands. So if you want a deadtree copy of Sagas, look to the IPR store in the coming weeks, I’ll post and update when it goes live. *Or* (if the mail delivery service doesn’t screw up and the books get to the US in time), you should also be able to pick up a copy at the IPR booth at GenCon in 10 days or so.

Concerning the Souls of the Dead

It is known that when a Warawutan dies, their soul is escorted to the the ten-thousand-doored palace of Pakhmanethet the Devourer (known in some other worlds as Man-Pac).
It is known that when a Kaleshii dies, their soul flows down into the primordial waters of the dark well of A’ab to swim with the cold sisters.
It is known that when a Targarean dies, their soul is held hostage in the sulfurous caves of Anostos, perhaps until the Bullserpentdragon yields its life.
It is known that when an Agarthan dies, their soul is reborn as whispering fruit of the Charkar tree to repeat the cycle of suffering.
It is known that when an Umtec dies, their soul is caught in the web of gibbering Xukxuk as a glittering jewel of the northern sky.
It is known that when a Quallalite dies, their soul is flayed and torn in the dark halls of Gung, till nothing but chilling howling remains.
It is known that when a rider of the pale steppes dies, it passes beyond the Opalescent to join the ranks of the Dream King.
It is known that when a Venvard dies, his soul is lost, for the Lord of Barrows is undone by his daughters, and bones abandoned to carrion eaters.
Many other fates or perils may await a soul, especially a vagrant one, or one bargained for with inhabitants of the lower spirals.

These and many more things are known, but what the philosophers of red Pengalok discuss agitatedly in the small hours of the night is what happens to the soul of a man who travels abroad. The philosophers of Pengalok do not know, for the women and men of Pengalok do not posses souls. At least none that they know of.

—From the Archive of Gogamaba’al, unnumbered scroll